ICAST 2015 Best Fishing Line

Best Fishing Line

Media Contact: John Mazurkiewicz jpmazurk@ameritech.net

Braided with new Spectra HT (High-Tenacity) fiber from Honeywell that is 25-percent thinner than equivalent test pound braid, PowerPro introduces its new Maxcuatro fishing line. Spectra HT fiber-exclusive to PowerPro for use in braided fishing line, allows for 4-End construction contributing to longer casting distance. Anglers will quickly notice the improved casting distance performance when used on baitcasting reels, and can downsize their tackle and still have plenty of capacity when used in saltwater situations. PowerPro Maxcuatro is offered in two colors – Moss Green primarily for freshwater situations, and Hi-Vis Yellow for both fresh and saltwater fishing use.

Both colors are available in 50-, 65-, 80- and 100-pound test, on 150, 500, 1500 and 3000-yard spools.